Adventures in Tuscany

This is a short chronicle of my visit to Italy. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger view of each photograph. Enjoy!


view from the bedroom window

The house we stayed in was called Pozzarello and it was built around the year 1200 as the home of the gardner who tended the grounds of the adjacent castle. The thick walls kept us nice and cool inside, despite the blistering mid-day heat. This is the view from our bedroom window.

On the Road

view of the countryside

This is the scene on the way to Montalcino (all roads lead to Montalcino!). It looks a lot like the scene on the way to Sienna, and the scene on the way to the grocery store. We were surrounded by beautiful countryside for most of our travels.


view of an alley

Duomo Cathedral

The closest city to our villa was Sienna, about 30 minutes away. We spent many days exploring the steep and crooked streets, sampling the local cuisine at outdoor restaurants, and stopping in the dark and echoey Duomo to escape the sun.


view of Lavender growing in a field

This is a lovely image of Lavender growing in a field outside of an Italian country home.


italian bakery

A visit to Italy is not complete without a stop at a bakery. Look at these mouth watering pastries!