Jan. 28 — Flexbox, A New(ish) CSS Feature

What is flexbox? Is a CSS module provides a more efficient way to lay out, align and distribute the space of items inside of a container when you don’t know the size or if the items are dynamic. The container will adjust the dimensions of the contents within it to best fill the available space. Items will either expand or shrink to fill the space.

What will be the possible benefits of using flexbox be? The items inside a flexbox container don’t necessarily have to be resized ahead of time and don’t have to uniform in size. This can be a time saver. Might work well for responsive sites. Instead of trying to make an image responsive, make the container that holds the image a flexbox.

What’s the coolest showcase item on the second website in your opinion and why do you think so? Sticky footer is my favorite. The solutions that exist today depend on knowing the height of the footer in order to work. Trying to get the footer to stay at the bottom with normal CSS is difficult because you have to know the height of the footer. With flexbox, the solution is easy. You wrap the vertical sections in a flex container and then pick the ones you want to expand. By doing this, they take up all the available space thus pushing the footer to stick to the bottom.