Based on what you read and what you already know, when do you think you will begin freelancing on the side? I’ve been freelancing for 10 years

What is a good time for you to transition to freelancing full time? If you are not planning to freelance full time, then feel free to discuss this question from a different angle, such as discussing how freelancing would or wouldn’t fit into your web career plans. Ten years ago when I started RearViewImage Design with my sister, we hoped to one day have enough clients to be both quit our jobs and dedicate ourselves to our business full-time. We offered graphic design, marketing and web design services. We did the majority of the things outlined

If you had to come up with an elevator pitch today, what could it be? Award-winning creative professional with 14 years in-house and agency experience. Have worked with well-known national retailers and brands to develop packaging, marketing collateral and POP for product launches. Proven expertise in brand development and sustainable marketing.

What’s the most promising time management/project management tool that the article lists that you might try using? Currently, I use quickbooks. I’d like to try, and

How will you price your work? Pricing work is a beast. For me it depends. For web projects, I used to charge $400 a page. Charging by the page can be a bit like charging by the hour. My preference is to evaluate the job as whole. Find out what the client wants and depending how large the site is and whether it is static or dynamic, charge by the project.