Chat-Nov 10 — The Artist Date

What are the “rules” of The Artist Date?

  • You have to go alone.
  • It can’t involve chores
  • It must be a minimum oftwo hours
  • You need to go on at least one Date a week.

Why do you think the rules seek to get us out of our comfort zone?By immersing yourself in new and different situations you’re filling your creative well with inspiration and fresh ideas.

Which rules might be hard to accomplish and why are they worth accomplishing even though they might be difficult?

  • It can involve chores (like grocery shopping). I’m a notorious multi-tasker so not trying to get other things done (to take advantage of the time) is hard for me to do.
  • Unplugging-The author says, “We need to get out there and experience the world without distraction.” This can be difficult when phones and other devices are often an extension of ourselves.

Propose five things that you can do for your own Artist Dates. How might they help you to grow as a web developer, as a person?

    • Going to an art museum or an art opening. I often find inspiration from seeing the work of other creative people.
    • Going for a run
    • Doing yoga
    • Knitting
    • Spending a couple of hours in the design section at Barnes & Noble. I used to do this a lot.

How do you feel about the concept of integrating some “play” into your life? Will you do it? Why or why not? Yes. If you ever watch children play you can see how there imagination can take them anywhere and be anything. Sadly this gets lost as we grow into adults. Playing like you did when you were a child can certainly open up the world of imagination where anything is possible and can certainly help you see things in a different way.