8/25 Chat — Getting a Job as a Front End Web Developer

Provide a couple examples of things in the article that either surprised you or that you agree with. Explain why these things surprised you or made you say “I agree!”

“Credibility isn’t purchased through tuition, it’s proven through effort and delivery.” This statement doesn’t surprise me but it is intriguing and definitely is good to know. It makes sense that in the tech industry, a person’s ability to build, is how you are measured not by the diploma.

“Depending on local cost of living you can easily make six figures as a mid/senior-level web developer.” The fact that you can make 6 figures as a mid-level developer makes me hopeful because mid-level graphic designers (print) don’t make that much.

What in the article encouraged you? T
he most encouraging thing I got out of the article is that it’s never too late to learn and that learning isn’t linear. It’s important to know some basics but you don’t have to know everything. There are many sources online for learning but the best way to learn is to give yourself little projects and practice.

What made you nervous?
Learn real JS. You will not regret it. It will make you a better developer.”

Learning Javascript makes me anxious more than nervous. I agree that it’s important and it makes you all the more marketable but I barely know php and just now have an intermediate level of understanding of HTML & CSS. Learning a programming language seems daunting.

What’s the best takeaway from the article for you personally? That’s the barriers to entering this field are relatively low. If you can build it, whatever it is, you can design your own career.